We provide a therapeutic massage with your specific issues in mind.  A gentle release with therapeutic results, from relaxing to deep tissue.  Addressing your needs is our goal.

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  • Massage Standards

    • Standard Swedish Relaxation Massage 60 minutes $49.95
      A Swedish relaxation massage will leave you feeling calm and restful.  This massage is a one hour massage.
    • 60 Minute Reflexology $65
      Feet Only
    • Standard Swedish Relaxation Massage-90 minutes $69.95
      If you have ever experienced a massage, you know how fast the time goes.  This extended massage is perfect for a relaxing full body and is at a reduced rate ($95.00 value).
    • Carpal Tunnel Therapy $55

      This is a one hour therapy that releases calcium deposits in the forearms.  Repetitive motion causes a build up of these deposits. We begin with a warm towel to the area and then apply deep muscle therapy with a refreshing biofreeze application after treatment.

    • Deep Tissue Massage-60 minutes $80
      Want the same deep work but don' have the extra time--this is the massage for you.
    • Deep Tissue Massage-90 minutes $110
      A deep tissue massage releases tissues and tense muscles located deeper below the surface.  .
    • 90 Minute Reflexology $95
      Feet, Hands and Ears massaged.
    • Sugar Foot Scrub $12
      A soothing scrub for the feet that revitalizes and refreshes the foot.  Topped off by a butter cream.  Like walking on a cloud!
    • 30 minute massage $45
      This is for those who are short on time but need concentration on a specific area of the body.
    • Hot Stone Massage-Standard 90 minutes $95
      Hot Stone Massage is great for anyone needing total relaxation.  The heat from the stones accesses deeper layers, expanding blood vessels causing a sedative effect.  Great for fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel etc.
    • Aroma Therapy $10
      Aroma therapy helps in relaxation, stress relief etc.  Choose from a variety of essential oils which are added to your massage lotion.
    • Add On

      • Deep Muscle Therapy $15
        A deep muscle treatment that allows deeper work in specific areas of the body.  Hot towels and a muscle ointment are used to relax the muscle and allow for deeper work.
    • Far Infrared Sauna

        Coming Soon. Use this therapy at your own risk.  Please consult a doctor if you have any health concerns.



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